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Send a QuickPay® with Zelle℠ to


Please submit payment on or before the first lesson so that your instructor can ensure your time is reserved. Please also include student name, instructor name, and emergency contact phone number (if changed).  


Tuition is charged by semester (18 lessons a semester)

 30 min. lesson for 18 private lessons = $855

45 min. lesson for 18 private lessons = $1264

60 min. lesson for 18 private lessons =$1674


Rock Star Status

(Take Home a Recording of Your Original or Cover Songs Edited by Our Recording Engineer) 

  • Five hours of lessons and a recording session
  • Occurs over the course of one week.
  • Groups of four    $215 {per participant}
  • Groups of three   $285 {Per participant}
  • Groups of two     $395 {per participant}
  • Solo Participant   $525


Summer Intensive

  • Come join us for a condensed term and see your talent soar with faster results!
  • The intensive involves five hours of total lesson time offered throughout the summer $475
  • Tuition is calculated at a per lesson rate. Summer intensives most often occur over the course of a single week with one lesson per day.
  • Summer Pack 10 (45 min) private lessons during the summer $700
  • Summer Pack 10 (60 min.) private lessons during the summer $930


We value our community. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact GAM at