What Challenges will i face if I'm a beginner?

On any instrument (including voice), the beginning stages of learning can feel very much like going to the gym. The Glencoe Academy of Music puts a focus on getting you through these beginning stages as quickly as possible. No matter how good a person's ear is, their fingers or vocal chords won't keep up with their ear unless they first engage in correct repetitions of fundamental physical techniques.

As motor function specific to your instrument or voice takes hold, there will be a period of exponential growth in your abilities. During this period of exponential growth, self-motivated practice becomes easier (especially in younger learners) because practicing becomes more musical and fun.

How much should i practice to get results?

The greater the regularity of physically accurate repetitions (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly), the shorter the time frame for results.

With the help, advice, and feedback of an experienced and professional instructor, gaining musical ability on an instrument or with your voice can happen within weeks with dedicated practicing habits.

what should i look for if i choose to purchase an instrument?

With all the choices available on the instrument market, this can be a pretty confusing and daunting task. We are happy to share our knowledge in guiding you through the process of choosing an instrument that's a value at your budget.