what if i'm tone deaf? Do I have the ability to learn music?

Yes, you have the ability. We've successfully instructed many people just like you. If you genuinely enjoy music, then it is safe to say you don't have congenital amusia, or tone deafness. More likely, you simply have difficulty with the techniques involved in singing or in the abstract recognition of notes. Music is a skill that anyone can learn.


What If I Don't Have Talent?

In our many years of experience, we have yet to run into someone who has absolutely no aptitude for music. If you commit to the process, you'll play, and you'll play well. How quickly you do so, depends solely on the frequency and on the accuracy of physical repetitions related to the fundamental techniques of your instrument. And don't worry, that's not as stuffy as it sounds. A little work up front gets you to a period of exponential growth that's a lot of fun. Rest assured, we have the skill, experience, and patience to train you.


is the glencoe academy of music the right fit for me?

It's the Glencoe Academy of Music's mission to keep live music alive and thriving in our local community and abroad, both in the home and on the stage. Whether you're interested in serious music training, or just want to play some songs as a hobby, we have you covered.

We offer year-round training for musicians of all types, styles, ages, and skill levels.